English learning «Going out to play»

On the 25th of May I gave a public lesson with a group of children of 4-5 years old. The lesson was given for the children’s parents to watch their kid’s ability to speak English and their willing to learn it.

The idea of the lesson was meeting the characters Patch and Molly, going out to play with them, getting dressed according to the changing weather and taking some toys to the playground. We played games such as “Match the clothing to the weather”, “Colour the clothes”, sang the songs “I’m going out to play”, “Ride the scooter” and performed a short story dramatization “Are you ready to go?”. Children chose the toys they liked asking for them and told the others how they would play with those toys.

The aim of the lesson was to recall and to review the learned material, to demonstrate the productive speech and understanding of English language.

I guess both parents and children got pleasure at the lesson, as the atmosphere of it was relaxed and fun and the children demonstrated their best.

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